Animal Love Preserved

If you have a love for animals, then surely you ought to get out more. But alas, there is not a fine zoo in town. Oh well, it is just as well because your love for animals has taught you that it is altogether quite cruel to be keeping wild animals in captivity like this. So, what next for you then? Well, there is always your local botanical park. At least you do get to see the birds and the squirrels and even the timid field mice that have made their homes here. But no, your town is as dry as a bone, and there are no public gardens in which to wile away your free time.

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So, what to do next then. Well, you could always take a drive into the country over the weekend. You could go and visit a nature reserve. This would be nice because it is here that you will definitely see all the wild animals in all their glory. The antelopes, the bears and maybe even a pack of wolves. But no, you do not have a car, and in any case, it would require an annual vacation to go and visit one of those magnificent nature reserves. So, sad you is saddled with nothing. No natural beauty for you in suburbia.

But at least you will have your dreams. While the city’s lights are on all night long, you could add your own little color to your quiet little home with a touch of animal paintings las vegas in your living room, your dining room, your kitchen, even the bathroom and bedroom. Well, why not. And if you have a little garden patch back yonder, you could always add a few statues of some of your favorite creatures from the wild.