Having To Look After A Horny Dog

There is no other way to say it. Domesticated dogs are by nature horny. No further explanation on what this means is required. Even if English is not your mother tongue, most readers here will know what is meant by this. Those with dogs should, by now, know the feeling. It can be rather frustrating, because here you are, trying to do your dog a favor by taking him out on his daily walk. And what does he do? Well now, he’s got to stop at every single darn lamppost in the street. And what does he do after that?

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He’s sniffing that pole up and down as if it is his last day on earth. And then what does he do? Oh man, here he goes again. He’s gone and peed the whole darn pole wet! And he’s excuse. Err, mister, it’s like called marking out my territory man. But how confusing, the dog lives no further than your backyard. Well, that’s at least a relief if you pardon the turn of phrase, because here at home, he never seems to lift a leg. But then there’s still the dooda’s you have to pick up after him. You wait until it is at least caked dry.

It is at least more bearable and less smelly to pick up. And you wonder why dogs can’t go to the toilet like cats do. Go to the vet and what will they tell you. Make sure dog neuters mckean, okay? Okay, but what does this mean. Well, municipal authorities sometimes insist on this, and it’s, errm, snipping his balls so that he can’t go around making babies. It’s also supposed to diminish his interest in the sexy goings on in the neighborhood.