What to Look for in a Pet Sitter

dog sitter

For many people, having a sitter look after their pet is akin to hiring a babysitter. Pets are a major part of the family, and you need to find the right pet sitter to not only make your pet feel comfortable but also to make sure you feel at ease letting them into your home. They should have several traits that you’ll be able to see when you meet them, and some of those traits might be harder to find than others are.

They need to be flexible because life doesn’t go as expected, and sometimes your dog will need a walk, your fish will need to be fed, and your cats will need to be played with. During those times you might be the busiest person alive, so being able to call in a dog sitter and know that they are able to take care of your animal companions means that you can have less stress.

Look for a sensitive pet sitter. If you can find someone who knows your pet better than they know themselves, then you’ve got a keeper. Those types of people will be able to know when your animals need cuddles, space, or a way to burn off some excess energy. They’ll also be able to handle problems with your animal calmly, and always be proactive to your pet’s needs.

Finally, they should make both your life and the life of your pet easier. They should always be on time, always think ahead, and you should feel comfortable with letting them have a set of spare keys. Finding the right pet sitter can be a bit of trial and error, but if you do it right, then you and your pets will have a trustworthy friend for the future. Who doesn’t want that?